Auto Financing!

Trust Bank Auto Financing products helps you get your preferred car through a simple and hassle-free process, backed by superior service and support. Now you can drive a car you always wanted. Our dedicated professional executives ensure that we not only respond quickly to our customers requirements but also provide customized innovation.

  • The following are the flexible product range tailored to suit the customers’ needs:
    • Straight Leases
    • Cash Back Leases
    • Step up and Step Down Leases
    • Leases with Grace Period
  • Auto financing facility is provided for brand new locally manufactured vehicles as well as second hand and imported vehicles, subject to internal policy
  • An auto finance facility is typically for three to five years; however it can be structured in a manner to suit the needs of the customer below 3 years as well
  • The clients will receive the full benefits of all warranties, guarantees, etc., offered by the manufacturers.
  • The vehicle is insured by Trust Bank on behalf of Clients with Pakistan’s leading insurance companies.
  • The auto financing comes with a complementary Tracking Device option.
  • Auto financing is acceptable within the Islamic modes of financing as fixed rental payments are made.
  • Our Branch Network is present throughout Pakistan to help assist you at your doorstep.