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Board of Directors

Mr. Ahsan Rafique

He is currently the CEO and President at Trust Investment Bank Limited. He holds vast experience in commercial and investment banking, spanning a period of three decades, along with key management position in private sector and Industrial Operations. He represents the best practices in the paradigm of financial and banking organisation.

Mr. Syed Sajjad Hussain Rizvi (Chairman)

Is an advocate with the Lahore High Court. He practices in Civil, Criminal, Revenue and Banking Law. He joined United Bank Limited in 1976 and worked there for over two decades before. He represents major Financial Institutions including The Bank of Punjab and Meezan Bank. He is also currently associated with an England based law firm, Walker Martineau Saleem.

Mr. Asad Ali Kazmie

Has an MBA in Marketing and Finance. He is currently the Vice President at the Bank of UAE, Zimbabwe. He has built a successful career in Private Banking, Business Development and Administration .He was previously the President at Rapid Results, USA.

Mr. Mamoon Ur Rashid Qureishi

Is an accountant by profession and after having worked in the health and food sectors in the UK for 8 years his interests in investment and trade banking led him to specialize in transaction structuring and structured finance solutions with a keen eye on the derivatives and associated trade of commodities and securities. He is also an executive director with companies in the UK and as a consultant has been involved with raising finance for projects around the globe and especially with power and construction projects in the region.

Mr. Abdul Shakeel

Has an MBA in Marketing and Finance. He has vast knowledge and expertise in Corporate Finance, Cash4Day, Industrial Coverage and Financial Analysis. He is the recipient of the Eureka Award 1998 Citibank, and the Credit Star in 2001 and 2002. His notable clients include Dow Jones Telerate, Johnson and Johnson Middle East and Emirates Airlines.

Mr. Tariq Husain

Is a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan, Canada and England and Wales. He is the CEO at Emirates Investments Group in the UAE, a Private Equity Investor. He is currently the Chairman and Director at National Industrial Parks Ltd. and the Director at Takaful Pakistan Ltd.  He has a wealth of experience in Banking and Finance, Private Equity and Portfolio Management.