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If your Mac is running slow, there are several options to address the issue. In the beginning, open the Activity Monitor to check whether there are any issues with memory use. Choose the process you’re experiencing and then press Quit. If the process consumes too much memory then you should close it and try again later. The System Memory tab as well to check if any slow processes are running on your Mac.

There’s another reason for slowness on your Mac. If your program that is using a lot of CPU, you should shut it down. Start macos catalina slow Activity Monitor then click the “X” button beneath the buttons. If you’re unsure of the apps that are using up excessive CPU power Try doing a Google search on the apps. You’ll be able determine which applications are slowing down your Mac’s performance.

If your hard drive has been overloaded, it can also cause the Mac to be slow to operate. The operating system can run slower if you have too many programs. There is a way to remove files you don’t use or move them to another drive. If you’re not certain which is the issue Try opening your Activity Monitor and looking at the entire list of processes running on your Mac. There should be a couple of mistakes – this could be a good sign that you’re running too many applications simultaneously.

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